Put It In Your Pocket

I love to read.

I especially love to read articles on my phone and laptop.

I follow lots of Twitter accounts that push out interesting and relevant articles that I often want to read right that second. For the longest time, I would open the article in Safari and try to remember to read the article there later, but soon I would find myself with a cluttered mobile web browser and a half-dozen articles I never got around to reading.

Then, someone I follow on Twitter tweeted about an app called Pocket.

Pocket is a “read it later” app that stores all of those random articles you wish you could stop time to be able to read, all in one place for you to come back to to read at your leisure.

It’s the simplest ideas that are the most genius.

I downloaded this app as soon as I could and fell in love at first sight. Yes, I believe in love at first sight.

Before and After: Pocket makes reading online simpler.

Before and After: Pocket makes reading online simpler.

Not only is Pocket beautifully designed, but it makes reading articles on your phone or web browser a better experience. Pocket takes your articles (or images or videos) and strips down the Web page of advertisements and everything else that distracts you while you read, and leaves you with just the text and embedded content from that article.

Pocket makes it easy to save articles, too. On your computer, with Google Chrome specifically, you can install the Pocket widget where you can click a button and the Web page you are viewing is saved to Pocket instantly.

You can also sync your Pocket account with your Twitter account and save articles to Pocket straight from Twitter. As for articles you read outside Twitter, just email it to a special address Pocket gives you, and boom, it’s in your Pocket.

And after you’re done reading an article on Pocket, you can either delete, favorite or archive it. Pocket even lets you share what you’ve read to social media or email recipients.

Pocket is an exciting app that has helped me enjoy reading online content more than I previously did. Did I mention Pocket is free? Give it a try.