iPhones: Buying Them and Our Feelings

iphone-5c-all-colorsI recently upgraded my cell phone from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5c. My mom sent me a text one morning saying, “Hey Eric. You have a phone upgrade. You’re getting the iPhone 5c and I’m going to take your old iPhone.”

Speak not another word, Mom! I’m in. Let’s do it.

Leading up to the release of the iPhone 5c and its big brother, the 5s, I always had in mind I would go with the flashier, more expensive option (the 5s). When my mom told me I would be getting the 5c without having to pay a dime and that if I wanted the 5s I would have to pay the extra $100, my mind definitely became open to the 5c.

I have really enjoyed my iPhone 5c so far. When you take a deeper look at the specs of the iPhone 5c, it is (internally) the same phone as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. Its just cosmetically different. (I went with the blue one!) Essentially, the only upgrade the 5s is to the 5c is a faster processor, a better camera and the fingerprint security technology.

All of that for an extra $100? When the iPhone 5c is already a nice upgrade from my 4s? No thanks.

When you look at the facts of the 5c versus the 5s, I don’t think the 5s is worth the investment due to its lack of innovation.

However, the iPhone 5c seems to have a stigma around it as being a phone not worth spending less on. I’ve heard people say the 5c is “cheap” because the backing is made out of plastic and that the phone seems “cheap” because it costs only $99. Clearly, buying the more expensive iPhone 5s (and solely with it being an Apple product, in my opinion) gives consumers an elitist feeling over other individuals and their cell phone choices. (I know this isn’t true for everyone who buys the iPhone 5s, but it has to be for some people, right?)

Why is this? Why does “status” and our feelings associated with the products we desire affect our buying decisions? If you let your feelings go and look at the raw specs of what you’re getting with your money for a new iPhone, I think you’ll see its a no brainer the 5c is the phone you should go with. Just food for thought.

Oh, and if the colors of the 5c “aren’t your thing,” remind me what your previous iPhone looked like underneath the case that’s been blanketing it the past two years ….


4 thoughts on “iPhones: Buying Them and Our Feelings

  1. Eric,

    Interesting post! I watched a demonstration in which the 5C and 5S were dropped (same height, same landing destination) and the 5C shattered immediately– the 5S was unharmed. Although that’s really my only qualm with the phone, I think it’s a pretty reasonable one for myself and others to have.

    I do agree, though– I think it’s so ridiculous when people base their purchases on colors or “the way it looks” instead of looking into actual features. Unfortunately, my 5S was stolen so I am back to the ol’ 4S. Hope you have a good case on that 5C and that you’re enjoying it 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment, Rachel! Actually as of now, I haven’t gotten around to getting a case for my 5c yet … looks like I should get on that ASAP after reading your comment! So thanks!


  2. I don’t think that I’m an elitist apple fanboy, but I could be haha. I went with the 5s for a couple of reasons: 1. When you buy a new phone you enter into a 2-year contract, or at least I did. If you think about the way technology evolves over 2 years it’s incredible and in another two years when my contract is up and I’m due for an upgrade I can only imagine how much technology will have advanced. So, in light of that, I went with the best technology available when I started my two year agreement so I will spend less of that time utilizing ‘obsolete’ technology. I mean seriously, what kind of peasant would I be if I were using a 5s in 2015 or even 2016! Point being, the faster processor in the 5s will seem slow in comparison to the 7 or 7s that comes out when my contract expires, but it will still be better technology that I would have had I bought the 5c. Reason #2 is this: within that two year contract I pay a bill every month of about $75, which is relatively cheap in comparison due to me being on a plan with my brother. Multiple that $75 by 24 months and .. this is depressing .. $1,800. If I’m going to be spending almost TWO GRAND on the plan, I want the phone to be as nice as possible. That extra $100 I paid for the 5s over my 24 month contract comes out to a sweet $4.17/mo or the equivalent to one pumpkin spice latte (of which I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking haha) from starbucks. Worth it? I think so, but that’s just one dude’s opinion.

    P.S. The fingerprint scanner is really neat-o. That’s all.

  3. Interesting article! However, one counterremark: (I am one of those people who bought the 5s because of the 5c color choices) most cases designed for the 5c are clear or built to show off the color, and if I’m not mistaken you don’t even have a case on your own phone due to it’s plastic nature. Although I agree systematically the 5s and 5c aren’t all that different, aesthetically they most certainly are.

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